Support Center User Guide
(for version 2.5)

Welcome to Support Center. This user guide gives complete instructions for using Support Center.


Getting Started

From the login screen you can choose the language to use from the list, then you will need to type your Support Center username in the "Username" box and your password into the "Password" box. Once completed, you will click the "Login" button below. If you have forgotten your password, simply click "Remember Password" and fill the box with the email with which you are registered in the system, your Support Center password will be sent to you by email.

Home Screen

The main page includes the list of tickets opened currently.
From the this screen, you will be able to perform five major operations that are described below: update your profile, create a new ticket, show your open tickets, show your closed tickets, search tickets, and browse the knowledge base.

Update Profile

To modify your contact information click on 'Your Details' link which will open the contact information page. Here you can change your profile information. You can also select another theme, if you want to use some different to the standard one.
When you are done click at 'Modify' button at form bottom to save the changes.

Working with Tickets

Creating Tickets

In order to submit a support request to Support Center you need to follow these steps. Click on the 'Create NewTicket' link , which will open the ticket creation page. Enter the required information into the various fields in the ticket creation form. Be as specific and detailed as you possibly can:
- Ticket subject.
- Problem: In this text area you need to describe the problem you are experiencing.
- If you want to add attachment, select one. Please note that file attaching feature is only available if it's enbled by the system administrator.
- Select the appropriate category.
- Enter the priority for this ticket based on ticket difficulty and urgency.
- Depending on system may exist more information requested about the ticket, which can be optional or required.
- Click on 'Create ticket' and your ticket will be posted.

View Open Tickets

By clicking on the "View Open Tickets" link from the Main Menu, you will be taken to a list of all of the open support requests that you currently have in the system.
From this screen you will be able to see an overview of the information about your tickets, including the subject, status and last update. You can click in the Subject of any support request to see the details of the ticket.
The mail icon in a ticket indicates that this was responded or modified by a staff member.
The clip icon in a ticket indicates that ticket has one or more attached files.

View Closed Tickets

This list of tickets will consist of all of your tickets that have been finished by the support team.
If you need to re-open a ticket, you will need to go into the details of a ticket, type a message in the "Message" area and press the 'Send Reply' button.

Viewing and Editing Tickets

A ticket consists essentially in the original problem and the steps taken, that are a succession of messages sent by the staff or the user in chronological order.
If you wish to append a new message to the ticket, simply fill in the 'Message' text area at the bottom of the page and submit it. You can optionally, if it's enabled, add an attachment related to this message.
Please note that if you reply a ticket that is closed this will be reopened automatically.
By clicking in the "print" icon a new window will open up with a printable version of the ticket and a print dialog.
You can also, depending on the permissions granted by the system administrator, close a ticket if you consider it resolved or delete it definitively.

Search Tickets

Click on 'Search Tickets' link to go to the serch screen.
To perform a ticket search:
- Select the field in which you want to search.
- Type the word you want to find in the search box.
- Choose values for the other fields to add search conditions.
- If you wish to sort the results, choose a field on which to sort from the drop-down lists next to 'Sort by:'. Choose 'Ascending' to sort in ascending order, and 'Descending' to sort in descending order.
- Press Enter or click 'Search'.

-The search is not case sensitive.
-You don't need to use wildcards. For example if you search for 'port' you will find all the occurrences of 'report', 'porting', etc.
-When two or more words are entered will be treated as an exact phrase, and not as separated words.
-You can leave blank the keyword box to perform only a filter on the tickets.


To browse a categorized library of files to download click in 'Downloads' link in the menu.
The subcategories are in the upper table and in the bottom the articles corresponding to that category. Click in the file name to see the details with the desription of the file and the link to download.

Knowledge Base

To browse the knowledege base click in 'Knowledege Base' link in the menu.
The subcategories are in the upper table and in the bottom the articles corresponding to that category.
Click in the subject of an article to see the detail or in 'Expand' to see the detail of all the articles.
You can also perform a simple search by keywords using the upper box and selecting the category to search.